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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 19, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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here's bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we have to understand that it is a real -- affront to people who lost their lives, including muslims. >> bill: left wing bomb thrower howard dean comes out against president obama on the mosque ground zero controversy. even as the president continues to be on the defensive. >> coming into the islamic center. >> the answer is no regrets. >> bill: we'll have answers from chris wallace and geraldo rivera. >> how about the "n" word in the n word has been thrown around. >> black guys use it all the time. turn on hbo. listen to a black comic and all you here is [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> bill: quitting program after a race controversy. culture warriors have some thoughts. we have an opportunity for blacks and whites come together i don't incident electric actually understand at this have seen to t. now. >> bill: glenn beck wants you to join him for a huge rally in washington. the beck mice ter will tell us
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why. >> oh, yeah, sea zipper lip. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill owe o'rei. thanks for watching us tonight. turmoil within the democratic party. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. on the breaking news front. there is good news and bad news for president obama. good news is that the last active combat brigade in iraq has left that country as the u.s.a. continues to draw down our troops certainly a positive thing. on the negative 12,000 last week. more wad news on the economic front. both of these stories have been overshadowed by the continuing ground zero mosque controversy which has gal von niced the attention of the nation. new "time" magazine poll says 61% of americans oppose the
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mosque. just 26% support it. also, 70% of the public believe the mosque is an insult, an insult to the victims of 9/11. 70%. that is very bad news for president obama who has staked out territory in support of building the mosque. even far left bomb thrower howard dean is showing up the president. >> this isn't about the rights of muslims to have a worship or jews or christians or anybody else to have a place to worship or any place ground zero. this is something that we ought to be able to work out with people of good faith. and we have to understand that it is a real affront to people who lost their lives, including muslims. >> bill: now while the liberal press at first ignored the controversy, it is now all over the place and the president can't escape it. >> coming into the islamic center? >> i'm telling you it's working in columbus.
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the answer is no regrets. >> bill: took him a while to get there now, if you are keeping score, it is senator harry reid and howard dean against the mosque. nancy pelosi and the president okay with it. that is a civil war within the democratic party no matter how they try to spin it. strengthen political movements. talking points respects independent thinking if it's insincere. to independent americans who did support president obama last time there is a growing perception that not only is the president baffled by the economy but also that he lines up against most of the people on significant i. even some hard core democrats believe that and there is deep anxiety about the upcoming election in democratic precincts. so, while the mosque ground zero story isn't as important as the economy or leaving iraq, the
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political implications are enormous. president obama must be glad he is on vacation. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. chris wallace who will be discussing the mosque controversy on this program sunday morning. damage assessment to the democratic party because of this? >> oh, i think it's substantial. i don't know -- i don't think the mosque itself will be a voting issue in november. i think you put your finger on this though, bill. i think the issue will be a sense that the president and a lot of democrats, including nancy pelosi, need to discuss what she said this week that they are out of touch with the mainstream. they are out of touch with the prevailing opinion in this country. i mean, you had nancy pelosi on tuesday say that we need to look into the funding of the opposition to the mosque. to the best of my knowledge, we are talking about measures who are exercising their first amendment right of free speech to say they don't like the
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mosque. they think it is as howard dean said an affront. >> bill: wide investigation with 61% of the public. >> exactly. the idea that nancy pelosi would go there, let's investigate the opposition. i'm sorry, the 9/11 families. the survivors. the families of the victims. they should be investigated? again, it just seems who are these people and why are they saying these things and why don't they get what most americans think and feel? >> bill: yeah, that's what you are supposed to answer, wallace because have you been around forever here. who are these people and why are they saying this crazy stuff and why don't they understand how much distance there is, particularly for barack obama. i don't understand, maybe you can enlighten me. why he doesn't see how much distance he is putting between himself and the folks on almost every issue. arizona, khalid sheikh mohammed trial. the oil spill. now the mosque controversy.
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it's one after another after another after another. you know, and then dorothy wrote in the "wall street journal" a few weeks ago that he just doesn't have anything in common with the working american. is that it? >> well, i don't know. i mean, frankly, and particularly when it comes to these comments, because, you know, the white house had such a perfect out. robert gibbs, the white house press secretary had been so, yeah, been stonewalling for weeks. it's a local issue we're not going to get involved with it. >> exactly. i have to say i think it's arrogance. >> bill: workers, workers, wait a minute. that's an interesting word there is a perception that president obama and his acolytes are arrogant. put yourself in his shoes, all right? in the president's shoes. so let's walk through it. do you believe he want to be reelected, right? >> i think at this -- yes, i think he does. but i don't think he is always
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thinking about that i think he is sitting there. >> bill: doesn't he always think about that. >> muslim dinner coming up last friday. he sits there and thinks i'm the great philosopher. i'm the great moral authority. i need to weigh in on this. >> bill: how could that be possible, chris, when he gives a speech in cairo and he gets hammered for weeks because he then said to the muslim world you know we have made mistakes and please forgive us. he knew what happened there, all right? he knows what happened to him on christmas day in detroit. at fort hood. he knows every time he injects himself into these controversies, khalid shake mohammed in new york city, he gets murdered. murdered. you are telling me he goes up in a ramadan dinner and says you have the right to build your mosque at ground zero and doesn't anticipate the backlash that's going to hit him? that's stunning. >> no. i think he thinks i -- this is a big moral issue and i need to weigh in on it because people expect me to. that's what the white house says. they expected him to.
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no, i don't think that the people expect him to and to me, particularly given the track record you are pointing out, i think it's arrogance. what other explanation is there? >> bill: i don't know. look, he got to know that every time he weighs in on the jihad deal. and that's what this is all about, it's all of the things that i cited or all go back to the jihad. that he is getting pounded. every single time he weighs in he is getting pounded. so you are telling me that he goes to a ram dam dinner and goes yeah you guys have the right to build a mosque this is the great american way and the next day he comes out and says i'm not going to weigh in on the wisdom of it. get his butt kicked all day long. this is thursday we are still talking about it. >> i don't think he thought about it why doesn't nancy pelosi. >> bill: that's a whole different story. she is a whole different story. >> she has a lot more at stake in this election than barack obama does. >> >> bill: i believe the speaker is out of touch.
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>> san francisco liberal no clue how -- not just her. she says we should investigate who are opposed to this. it's crazy. she has got to know that there is blow back that doesn't just go to her but also goes to the democrat who won in the mccain district in the midwest for a border state. >> bill: it may be incompetence not arrogance incompetent. >> you say incompetence. i say arrogance. >> bill: but there is a difference. incompetence is basically not being able to do the job. arrogance is being able to do the job but saying flip it, i don't care what i say. i don't care about the job. >> i will stand -- if your definition of arrogance. i will stick with that. >> bill: thanks very much. we will be watching on sunday morning. next on the run down, herald will weigh in on whether american muslims are getting a bad deal because of the mosque controversy. and later, glenn beck on the big
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here now fox news anchor geraldo rivera. do you know any american muslims. >> i know many. in fact, i surveyed them in anticipation of this segment. >> bill: i know a few. they don't like this. >> well, first -- ramadan holiday. salutation. i spoke to a driver, film maker and a major civil rights figure in anticipation of this appearance. they are as divided let me haven to add as americans are. many of them they applaud barack obama's initial statements of the constitutionality and the appropriateness in the united states of religions having their places of worship, you know, wherever it is aappropriate and legal. on the other hand, and this is, i think, the news. they are beginning to sense that you can't push a rock up a mountain and when 70% of the american people are so bitterly opposed to it, why not re-think it? i have some news but i have to modify it and say in the past hour or so it's been like a
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heart beat. it's gone up and down. speaking with this major figure who is close to the prime developer of the site, i can say that a compromise is possible based on the following terms fox news has learned first of all that the guy stole the building. he got this building two blocks from ground zero for under $5 million. he has already been offered four times what he paid for it. because obviously when the world trade center was in shambles, this property. >> bill: he could sell it for -- >> and they have -- these are the discussions i had initially. i have a calf yet coming caveat coming up. if someone offered them a suitable, and by that they mean better commercial value than the burlington coat factory right there. >> bill: they would take it? >> in the immediate vicinity,
8:15 pm
they would take it what is the immediate vicinity? they must remain south of howston street, the main divider kind of downtown hip, the downtown area and further uptown. >> bill: they want to be a hip mosque. >> in the immediate vicinity south of houseton. >> bill: i don't want to negotiate. >> but this is -- that's the other side of the -- they can work it out. >> bill: they can work it out. >> i got an urgent call i want you to understand that wasn't an official position. i believe this can be worked out. >> bill: patterson wants to. put you down there. can you do it. rivera can do it. opinion is divided. >> i think it reflects in many ways. although there is bitterness like the gingrich nazi stuff. >> bill: two minutes. one minute on each subject. blagojevich convicted on one count. >> patrick fitzgerald the prosecutor overstated.
8:16 pm
he overreached. is he a politician. he should resign. they had nothing on blago. they convicted blago of the following statement. fbi agent asks him do you know where your political contributions come from? he said. no that's what they convicted him of. we spent tens of millions, why isn't fitzgerald using that office to go after the gangs and as i understand cats who murdered made chicago bloody. he is a politician. he should get out of that job. >> bill: all right and he lied about abraham lincoln. >> bill: i don't want to get into that. i should say that chris wallace has an exclusive with blagojevich on sunday morning. >> that's big. very big. >> bill: roger clemens, the former boston red sox pitcher and new york yankee and tore robert toe blue jay is indicted on federal charges in connection with with alleged steroid use. >> i said on this program rusty hardman, clemens attorney should be found malpractice that's him
8:17 pm
sitting behind clemens. he should retire. i said on this program he should have grabbed clemens by the ankle, bit him in the calf bone. you can't testify under oath about steroids. i don't care if you ever used them. they are going to ask you that and find some pill you took, some edge, clemens is in a heap of trouble and his lawyer is the reason why. and if you look at rusty harden, his lawyer's web site. >> it's voluntary. >> look at mark mcgwire. he had the same beef. he goes there people make fun of him but he is one of the coaches of the st. louis cardinals. rusty harden, get a job or go fishing. >> bill: clemens could do some time. >> my pleasure. >> bill: dr. laura says she is through with her radio program after a race controversy. the culture warriors on that. sylvester stallone has a big hit movie. being criticized by some on the left as phony patriotism. mr. stallone will be here moments away. for strong bones, i take calcium.
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schlessinger got herself into some trouble over the "n" word. >> black guys use it all the time. turn on hbo, listen to a black comic and all you here is [bleep]. i don't get it if anybody
8:22 pm
>> bill: didn't take long for the far left smear web site media matters to hammer dr. laura will b. that conversation. she said she has had enough. she is quitting the radio. with us now to analyze rebecca diamond in for gretchen carlson tonight and margaret hoover. what say you. >> i think dr. laura was wrong. she was trying to be anti-pc for political purposes. i grew up with black music rappers. we can have a meaningful thoughtful conversation about the double standard of the "n" word in american culture. if we are going to do that we should be thoughtful about it but not yell the "n" word 11 times to a caller and then say that she brought this on herself by choosing to marry outside her race. >> bill: how do you see it? >> that's what she was trying to do. she was trying to bring this out well, let's have a conversation about it why is it okay if a black person says the word but we can't say it? i still don't have enough mel
8:23 pm
melanin enough to say it? >> used by whites and nonblacks to injure. >> and they are trying to take that power out of the word. >> bill: listen to me for a minute because i get tons of mail on this. why is it okay for one and not the other. there is an answer for. this it has been used to injure african-americans by non-african-americans. african-americans themselves use the word in a different context. they are not trying to injure, generally speaking, some of them are, but most of them aren't. do you agree with that? >> not used by black people to black people as racial enthat as it has been used. >> bill: you are generalizing this. >> losing my cool by tom williams which is about the mentality and the ghetto and urban neighborhoods in america talks a lot about the use of that word in the black community. however, that was not this. this was the dr. laura going way over the edge. >> bill: not using the word to
8:24 pm
injure, i don't believe, african-americans. >> well, i think -- that's what got her in trouble. because she had no sensitivity. >> bill: hold it. hold it this is an easy yes or no answer, do you believe dr. laura used the word to injure african-americans. >> i take her at her word. she said she did not injure. >> bill: do you believe? >> i believe she was trying to get at the point injustice why it s. is it right. that's your explanation and i buy that explanation. but, why is it still the reason that she could get in trouble for using the word. we're a -- >> bill: neither of you believe that dr. laura used the word to try to injure frecious, am i correct? >> i don't think she intentionally did it. >> bill: it could be taken that way. >> it is injurious. >> bill: intentionally she didn't try to do that. >> that's the problem. >> bill: media matters takes it and starts to say we have to boycott. she shouldn't be on the air. >> i absolutely-i i resent the notion that this is media
8:25 pm
matters problem. this is a problem with dr. laura. she was out of line. >> bill: media matters is out of existence to hurt people with home -- whom it disagrees. >> we all agree about racism. >> bill: to try to ruin the woman. that's what they try to do. >> they didn't ruin her. >> even dr. laura said don't take this out of context. >> there was a context of using it you still can't use it. you still can't use it that's why. >> bill: everybody in america should know that. you didn't k. not use the word. >> unless you are black. >> bill: you can't even use it if you are black and gain respect. >> that's right. >> bill: you will never gain respect using that word ever. >> that's right. >> bill: real quickly. there is pictures of justin bieber 16 years old with kim kardashian who is 40 years old. >> 2. >> bill: put the pictures up on the screen. this is a magazine spread reminisce sent of the graduate where an bancroft and young dustin hoffman they had this
8:26 pm
little thing. all right. i don't care about. this justin bieber he looks like ringo starr to me. i don't know the other one. she is in the water with the dress. what does that mean? i don't know. 20 seconds, hoover, does this bother you at all? now he is eating a flower. >> he is eating a flower. what is that? clearly, i'm not a between enough. >> bill: do you care about this? >> i think it's gross because it's like a preadolescent 16-year-old -- >> i didn't take offense of it it's every 16-year-old's male's dream. >> bill: i wanted to be a baseball player. i didn't want to hang around with kim kardashian. >> you didn't want to hang around -- >> bill: if a 16-year-old girl was pictured with a 29-year-old man and any of that there would be trouble. agreed? >> yeah. >> game over, agreed. >> they are both in trouble for it.
8:27 pm
they got flack for this. >> bill: they did? do they know it. >> no. they have no idea. >> bill: all right everybody, culture warriors. sylvester stallone under fire for new movie. some say it's exploiting patriotism. the actor will be here. glenn beck on what he wants to accomplish with the big rally in washington, d.c. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. at devry university's... keller graduate school of management, you'll have a professor with you every step of the way.
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>> personal story segment tonight, new movie called expendable starring sylvester stallone co-directed big hit. being criticized by left wing newspaper people who see an agenda. listen to this from the "l.a. times" appear exhere now to reply is sylvester stallone. >> i didn't do nothing. >> bill: you didn't do nothing.
8:31 pm
>> bill: now, kroncke, i have not seen the film. i'm going to go see it i'm having a time. this is an action movie. correct? >> guys, macho guys like you killing bad guys. that's pretty much what it is. >> that's right. john wayne did it. >> that's it. >> clinton eastwood did it. do you have a secret agenda in the movie? >> no. pretty simple. pretty straightforward. you are bad. you have got to go. >> bill: that's it. kind of like rocky. he is good. he's to be the heavyweight contender. no like subtle promoting america people to the people in pakistan. >> no there is no spiritual signifiers. no multilevels. nothing multi -- mention tasking. five guys really don't fit into society. finally they are kind of con con -- get their who are ralt
8:32 pm
back. >> when you see the "l.a. times." reading all of this apple pie patriotism into this. >> i guess it's subliminal. it's the same sort of kind of scrutiny i went under with rambo two. at the time it was considered. i said a line do we get to win this time? in other words, we can refight the war. can you do it on your turf. >> bill: it's the vietnam war. >> it's a fantasy. yet, they took that as a battle cry. right then, that's when i no longer became like an actor. i was now a focal point for jingle -- conservatism. >> bill: you brilliant marketer by the way. you had no intent to do any of. this. no. >> bill: you do the movie. >> right. >> this works to your advantage. remember clinton eastwood when he made the first dirty harry. a woman critic in new york called pauline called him a if a
8:33 pm
shus if facious dog. >> big favor. >> bill: that's what they want to hear. >> yeah. vicious dogs. bring it on. thank you very much. no, ours -- the more attention you give to the fact that these guys are patriots and they are doing something and very proud to be americans and basically taking out bad dictators, i don't know, i think it's not a bad thing, i think one of the key lines in there the dictator at the very end he goes we will kill this american disease means the cia people down there. some people red red that i was putting focal point on american intrusion other countries we tend to over extend our boundaries. i don't believe that at all. >> bill: you were trying to write dialogue. >> yes. is he so guilty for what he has done he is trying to put the
8:34 pm
blame. it's them. >> bill: i saw cop land. when you were a jersey police chief. >> no refund. >> bill: i liked it. >> all right. >> bill: and you don't strike me as an over political guy you are not robert alden making mash. you want to entertain. they have to blow blow themselves up, right. >> some kind of metaphor or symbolism and hidden message. there is nothing -- no, just there blowing things up and having a good time. >> bill: you are in your mid 60's, right? >> what? >> bill: that's how old you are. you are almost as old as geraldo. >> geraldo looks great. >> bill: how much longer you can be beating guys up and knifing them and shooting them? >> a long time. >> bill: you can go into a senior citizens home and wipe out all the bad people? >> take on all kinds of medical ailment places. i will sit there and attack
8:35 pm
hospitals. >> bill: you are in good shape. are you do you go chin ups every two minutes? >> i have three young daughters that's enough to burn a lot of calories? getting rid of boyfriends will burn a lot of fat. >> bill: you show them a little expendables. >> believe me my my bell is "like you must die." >> bill: not home by 10:30 mickey roark. >> totally. remember when is he kissing you, he is really kissing me. >> bill: sylvester stallone, everybody. check out expendables. glenn beck having a huge event in washington, d.c. he will tell us why you should show up. the bulls have had enough in spain. they are not going to take it anymore. right back as the fang tore continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. i'm a hot babe out jogging.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly at your beck and call. glenn beck will hold a rally in washington, d.c. on the same day that al sharpton is also holding a rally. that's causing some controversy and i spoke with beck about it last night. so here is beck and he has got a big event coming up shortly on august 28th in washington, d.c. >> yeah. >> bill: that is the anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech. >> yes. >> bill: i want you to read you ben jealous. both fans of you and me. he lost us. he is the head of the naacp. he says, quote, we will be fighting glenn beck on august 28th. and we will be using that leverage, second march, so it looks like ben jealous, because al sharpton is going to be down there and he is having an event. >> they think you are trying to denigrate dr. king in some way. >> may i ask a question? i mean this in all sincerity.
8:40 pm
do white people own the legacy of abraham lincoln? because i don't think they do. and i don't think black people own the legacy of dr. martin luther king. it's the idea of the content of character. >> bill: but i'm worried about that there might be trouble down there. >> there is not going to be trouble. >> bill: you don't think so. >> this is the same thing that happened with dr. martin luther king. the same people that went to listen to dr. martin luther king. i'm not comparing myself to dr. martin luther king. these people were threatened you will not go there, we will kill your children. >> bill: they went anywhere. 200,000 people showed up. >> bill: all right. because we don't want any trouble here. >> no, of course not. bill, here is the thing. >> bill: i want to point out that beck is sincere when he says he doesn't want any trouble. you are actually banning any signs at your rally. >> this is -- nobody know what is this is except me. i have not revealed any of the real details. >> bill: this is the first time on the factor that you are going to reveal something or throw you
8:41 pm
right off the set. >> expose bill o'reilly oh, yeah, he is a zipper lip. >> bill: don't you want folks to come. >> yes, i do. i don't want the people who are on stage, bill, you know what? the people who are joining me on stage, they are not political. >> bill: sarah palin. >> sarah palin is you know what sarah palin's role is, to introduce the heros of the military. she is doing a small part introducing the heros as a mother. north as a candidate. >> bill: not going to talk about anything political. >> not at all. >> bill: marcus luttrell special forces guy will be there. >> a couple people on stage that will blow your mind. they are normal people. i'm not going to have them go through the -- >> bill: important for everyone to understand including ben jealous that beck, you have gone out of your way to say, look, we don't want any incendiary signs. we don't want to make this political. we want to do what? what is the main team theme of the event on august 28th?
8:42 pm
>> two things. one, that smirk a flawed but great nation. there are problems in america. but we can either just stare at the problems and dwell on the problems or we can look to the content of our character and move forward as individuals. >> bill: you say that a lot, the content of our character. what exactly does that mean? we're all sinners, correct? >> yes. >> bill: so we all make bad decisions, correct? >> i know i have. >> bill: what is the content of patriot i can't character? >> i don't look at -- this isn't about the red, white, and blue. >> bill: good people who love their country their family. >> honest, people -- look, the founders said we mutually through with reliance on divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. what is it that you believe in. if push comes to shove, we have lived a pretty soft life. when martin luther king marched, those people have not lived a
8:43 pm
soft life. no that's for sure. >> they went through hell -- to get a drink of water. >> bill: right. >> so they knew what was important. most americans don't. now, in a very, very small degree, we have an opportunity to bring people together, because i can intellectually understand racism. i think i have -- i have tried to. i think i can intellectually understand it. but i have never been banned because i'm -- >> bill: they're going to make this ben jealous and this guy the president of the national urban league mark morial they are going to make it racial. >> they are going to make it whatever it is. i don't even know if anybody is going to cover it. >> bill: they are going to cover. >> it they will cover it but will it be the truth? they will cover it any way they want. the stories are already written. it doesn't matter. that's why i have asked you, the american people. you come. you experience it. you stand up for what you believe in. this isn't political. this is about restoring honor in our ownselves. we will never fix our country
8:44 pm
unless we stand in the shadows of abraham lincoln and george washington. the capital will never be fixed through politics. it's got to come from the character of the people. and we have back slid. so stand there. >> bill: last question. are you going to be disappointed if no african-americans come to your rally. >> i honestly have not thought about the color of the people coming. i haven't. >> bill: they are going to be discouraged from doing so. >> i have to tell you something. you look at the color of the people in the participation. i want you to count the color of the people in that are participating in this. i want you to listen to their words. i want you to see that it is not a white-black thing. it's not -- it's an american thing. >> bill: by the way beck's novel remains a best seller. good for him. in a moment, what specific group really, really likes sarah palin? we'll tell you. and, later, the bull is striking back at spain. we'll show you an amazing and dangerous scene at a bullfight. those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] what is performance?
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz, here they are. some of the smartest people in the building which doesn't say much for the building. fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for shirley in peru, illinois and "fox & friends" guys steve doocy playing for dave who lives in washington. if you would like to win nifty prizes sign up for the quiz on bill o' get a lot of mail saying they want you to win. have you been losing the last few. they're rooting for you tonight, okay? >> all right. >> bill: this is question number one, president obama set off a firestorm when he made comments at a white house dinner last week to mark the start of the muslim holiday ramadan. >> as a citizen, and as president, i believe that muslims have the right to practice their religion as
8:49 pm
everyone else in this country. [ applause ] and that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property. >> bill: all right. to mark the start, what does the month of ramadan commemorate? what does it commemorate? cards up, please. and the answer is c. sarah palin has under her criticism of president obama in the wake of the ground zero mosque flap. >> he just doesn't get it that this is an insensitive move on the part of those muslims who want to build this mosque in that location that feels like a stab in the heart of collectively americans who still have that lingering pain from 9/11. >> bill: okay.
8:50 pm
now, a new poll says that governor palin is the leading contender for the 2012 presidential nomination among republican voters who do, what? the answer is d, smoke pot. it is so, maccallum. >> you are kidding me. republicans who smoke pot for sarah palin. >> that's a group i wasn't aware of. >> bill: you supplied your own joke. i'm not going to do that. but that is absolutely true. >> bill: did you -- the first family was vacationing in the gulf last weekend and little sasha obama drew some press when she was caught on tape doing what?
8:51 pm
the answer is roll the tape. all right. nice, oh, nice, sasha. [ laughter ] hole in one. on the first hole. that's unbelievable. >> bill: she got a hole in one. >> what's better than a whole in one in miniature golf. >> bill: had no idea about sarah palin and pot smoking but you did know the minigolf answer. >> i learn something every day. >> bill: this is a tie with two questions left to go. south carolina senate candidate alvin greene exhibited bizarre behavior this week when a reporter went to his home to ask about a criminal indictment. >> are you going to stay in the race? >> yes, yes, yes. >> you are? >> yes. >> how you can do that? >> -- public, go go away. >> as we were leaving greene's
8:52 pm
brother jimmy came over, as we talked to him the sound you hear in the background is alvin greene wailing the words no and go. >> going to stay in the race. >> no. >> he told you what happened? >> noe go. >> going to stay in the race. >> bill: every dog in the neighborhood ran over. according to the latest poll mr. greene is currently 42 points behind his g.o.p. opponent. that's hard to believe, i know. who is that opponent? >> bill: jim demint is correct. a cliff hanger. it is tied with one question to go. here it is. 64-year-old action star sylvester stallone back on the box office this weekend with the expendables. >> let's see what you got. >> get up there. [cheers] >> what happened to you? >> i got my ass kicked. >> bill: all right.
8:53 pm
there you go. sta lobe first shocked the fame in the late 70s rockie as you know. he based it on a small-time boxer chuck wepner who survived what rounds? cards, up, please. maccallum, no pressure. okay, okay. a telethon now and the answer is d mohammed ali. how could you not know that come on, maccallum. you are a boxing fan. i see you punching people every day in the hall. >> have one question. >> bill: don't have time for a tie breaker so both contestants get all the prizes. okay? it was a tie. that's better than martha usually does. pinheads and patriots up next. the bulls get some revenge in spain. wait until you see what happened here.
8:54 pm
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bill: peuz in a moment. lots of bull in that segment tonight. but first viewers stocking up on gifts. bold fresh mats are flying out of here. you have gift giving stuff. if you become a premium member you get examine interviews --
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exclusive interviews. now the mail: sorry bill imam rauf is right, we funded osama bin laden and created the taliban. that is the far left view of history, but it is fallacious. scott: everybody has fallen for the latest obama trap. misdirection taking attention from the economy. please americans can evaluate a variety of issues at the same time. beth: the momma grizzly anti-palin political ad is dumb. emily's list wants to protect the young while aborting the unborn. sharon: your comment to julia huddy that the economy is more important than abortion is wrong. get off the fence. i said the economic issue is more important in the upcoming election and that is true. all the polls prove it. mary: bought the jumbo patriot map
8:58 pm
for my dad he likes it so much he won't put it outside. finally pinheads and patriots we only have one stomach because it is extraordinary. in spain a bull went on a rampage during a bullfight. those are big attractions in spain but illegal here for good reason, they are brutal. bill: as you can see the bull was very rang it injured 40 a include was estimated to be 3500. nobody was killed the bull who was executed after it was caught. there is no reason to have bullfights it is blood sport spain and other countries that do it should knock it off. they are pinheads for allowing
8:59 pm
it that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website different from but just as enjoyable. spout off about the factor name a continue if you wish to opine. please, when writing to the factor do not be contentious. some have accused me of being contentious on occasion. i don't want to be hypocritical. i will say that i am feisty, none contentious. it is okay to be feisty. we want you to be feisty. but we don't want you to be contentious. that you for watching the factor tonight i'm bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here. we are always and definitely


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